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Florence is a wonderful city, especially if you are a lover of art. Indeed, the city offers a lot of attractions that satisfy every artistic desires: from its spectacular museums to its magnificent squares. The Tuscan capital does not and never will bore the students who want to know the history of this ancient city.
And it is not a coincidence that the Florentine town center has been placed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Specialised training courses include Directing, Production, Acting and Enhancement which cover specialised courses, from Editing and Sound to Photography and Screenwriting. Students have the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with teaching staff during productions, laboratories and practical exercises.
Teaching staff and collaborators are continually available to create, develop and accompany students. Their experience allows for a practical and creative exchange of ideas and experience withstudents. During classes actors will be provided with all the material, space and technical tools to carry outpractical activities in order to express their creativity.
Furthermore, every year FMA organises events and projects with professionals and experts in the field as well as offering the possibility of work experience placements with the aim of facilitating students’ personal careers.

Filmmaking Course
Students will follow a dynamic study programme through photography, screenwriting, editing and production. Led by expert teachers, students will examine all aspects which are necessary for the growth of the individual and the director.

Partecipants: 18

Period: from 288 to 504 hours

Acting Course
Students will follow a dynamic study path through phases of introspective knowledge. Led by expert teachers, students will analyse and deepen their understanding of all the necessary aspects regarding the growth of the Individual and of the Actor.

Partecipants: 20

Period: from 144 to 504 hours

Florence Movie Academy propone durante l’anno anche vari tipi di workshops, sia sulla recitazione che sull’ambito tecnico per approfondire il panorama cinematografico.
Partecipants: 20

Period: from 6 to 50 hours


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