Combat for film course



4 lessons

Personal sword

about the course

The combat for film course delivered by Florence Movie Academy deals with some cinematographic themes that are often diminished. We will learn more about combat with and without weapons.

The course as it is structured allows the actor to perform choreography for the videocamera and to learn the cinematic timing of stage combat.

These seminars are suitable for both beginners and experts, therefore the students will have the opportunity to learn new skills but also to increase his / her acting curriculum or brush up on some practical knowledge.

With regard to Renaissance and Medieval fencing, the actor will learn to attack and defend while remaining faithful to ancient fighting techniques. Starting from this, the actor will be able to make variations and make every movement in front of the camera cinematic.

The stage combat course for actors involves the use of the following weapons:

  • Rapier
  • Dagger
  • Two-handed sword
  • Sword and shield
  • Axe
  • Club
  • Katana


€ 300


4 lessons – 3 h per lesson
Personal sword included


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