Giorgio Lumia an example of pure determination

28 Dec 2020 | News

Today we are also talking about an ex-student who is making a way for himself as an actor in Italy!!!
Giorgio Lumia has a high school diploma in IT but has decided to study to become an actor.
He began by studying theatre at the ‘Teatro della Limonaia’ in Sesto Fiorentino and at the end of his studies he decided to take a course of cinema acting and so he chose Florence Movie Academy.
In addition to acting, Giorgio also worked as a technician for many performances and shows, demonstrating that with perseverance you can attain the best for yourself and your career.
Giorgio doesn’t stop here, a wise actor never stops studying. He starts a course with the director Riccardo Giannini, improvisation with the ‘Areamista’ group and dubbing with our collaborators ‘Doppiaggio in Carrozza’.
Giorgio has performed in many shows and short films and has toured many theatres in Italy with “Alice in Wonderland – The Musical” produced by ‘La Compagnia delle Formiche’ in which he played the White Rabbit.
An actor with many skills and excellent vocal talents.
Giorgio is a great example of enthusiasm and determination!


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