The division into three acts has some basic passages that are compulsory, almost as if the setup should happen after a few minutes and that there is a turning point between one act and another. These passages help the viewer and the dramaturgy towards the next step. How should the large and complex second act work?

 Even there in the centre of the second act, there is a point that writers must know very well, because it changes the psychological coordinates of the characters and also changes the structure of the dramaturgy.

 Going forward you get to the end of the second act and there we also have a turning point … why am I not telling you exactly what is in these passages?

For two reasons: First of all because these steps need to be contextualized, they are a structure and you must keep this in mind.

It is like a table, a table has a structure, it must have a support surface and legs that do not make things fall to the ground. This is the sense of structuring the script, so that it can resist and allow the story to stand.

This three-act story is simplified with a beginning, middle and end.

Plots structured in three acts can be found everywhere, they are stories made of men, women, their dreams and their desires.


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