What sort of an actor are you if you won’t do everything


The classic phrase uttered by producers and directors in two cases:

The first is if they don’t know how to do their job professionally.

The second and worst, if they are profiteers.

An actor has decency, an actor is aware of what they feel comfortable doing and what they don’t, because they have inhibitions and problems like any other human being.

In particular, female actors can receive propositions which may harm their personal concept of honour and decency. This fact is unfortunately very common and is disrespectful towards the person and the actor as a professional and can create serious problems. It is important for actors to be aware that everything they do, even the most basic and amateur, could one day come back and ruin their image.

Do not believe those who say “you are an actor and you must be able to do this and that” this is not true, you only do what you think is right for your career and for you as a person. Won’t they take you for that part? Why do they need an actor to do certain things? Perfect! Who cares ! You will have other opportunities to demonstrate your acting talent, but you don’t have to give in or feel obliged by professional casting directors, directors and producers. So be careful of those who promises you gold. Unfortunately scams exist both in cinema, theatre, television as in any other job.



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