What happens in an audition?


Auditions are a very delicate subject for actors.

Many individuals who conduct auditions (generally casting directors or directors) for short films, films, theatre and television, are not professional. For a young inexperienced actor not knowing what to expect can be an issue. Many film schools or academies don’t explain the procedure, either out of ignorance or choice. This can put the actor at a disadvantage.

At an audition, the actors must be welcomed in a waiting room, where they will receive the scenes they will present inside the casting room.

To do this, the actors generally have 15 minutes to memorize as much as possible and learn the scene.

They will enter the Casting room and there they will meet three people, the casting director, the cameraman and the assistant to the casting director.

The actors begin by talking to the casting director explaining why they believe they are suitable for the part or what they can give more than other actors.

The following part of the audition concerns the scene, which will take place together with the casting director’s assistant.

Many times these phases are not carried out correctly and we witness absurd things: actors waiting on the street, actors who do not know what to expect, actors who do not know if they have to study a scene a monologue or even improvise.

This is not the way to do a casting. The audition for cinema as for theatre and television should take  place with precise production dynamics and timing.


Actors be wary.


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